Staff Wellbeing Support

We appreciate that work can be extremely busy, and many would not wish to attend work-related meetings in their free-time, even if about personal wellbeing, or have time to meet during work time. We would therefore welcome your ideas of how we can best support you, e.g. online informal gatherings offering a space to talk, links to useful resources, staff retreats etc. As experienced health professionals with a specialty in caring holistically for the wellbeing of staff, we can offer tailor-made staff training, workshops, individual staff support and retreats.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibility of us supporting you or your staff team or with any ideas you have on how we can provide staff support.

Professionals Together

Professionals Together was an innovative scheme in the West Midlands, provided by WholeCare, which supported doctors in their first year of professional life.

Professionals Together was started in 2018 by Dr Mike Blaber (Palliative Care doctor and Trust Wellbeing Lead) and Dr Ross Bryson (General Practitioner and Medical School Tutor). It gained an award for innovation in 2019 from the Royal College of General Practitioners and was given the Royal College of Physician’s Wellbeing and Welfare winning award in 2020.

The scheme involved 6 sessions spread out over the academic year. This included a short, focussed talk covering an aspect of professional wellbeing, small group discussions facilitated by senior clinicians and some top tips from doctors in their second year of their foundation programme. Those who attended the scheme found it beneficial at a personal and professional level.

The scheme covered three broad areas: being human, being carers and being together. As a result of the impact that the scheme, the West Midland Deanery found a way to introduce these three themes, combined with facilitated small group work, into their hospital-based training for junior doctors. This is known as ‘Thrive into Medicine’ and it is being further developed across the West Midlands. The separate scheme, Professionals Together, was not continued beyond summer 2023.