Patient Wellbeing Support

Chaplains for Wellbeing

For many centuries, chaplains have provided a compassionate presence, journeying with people in need and helping them find strength and hope. Since the beginning of the 21st century, Chaplains for Wellbeing have been doing this vital work in British General Practice as part of holistic patient care.

The service provided by Chaplains for Wellbeing has been found within NHS primary care in a variety of ways. In parts of the NHS, it has been commissioned under the title ‘Listening and Guidance’. With the introduction of additional roles through Primary Care Networks, it has been seen as a specialism within the Social Prescribing Link Worker role, at times being described as ‘Listening and Guidance Social Prescribing’. It can also be regarded as a specialism within Health and Wellbeing Coaching. Others have preferred to simply refer to it as chaplaincy in primary care.

Whatever its title, the service enables Chaplains for Wellbeing to give the space to talk through issues and explore what is important to people in a confidential healthcare setting. It is holistic in its approach, recognising the importance of the spiritual dimension and is available to people of all faiths and beliefs.

Chaplains for Wellbeing work to the professional standards set by the Association of Chaplaincy in General Practice in addition to other role specific standards. WholeCare draws on over 25 years of experience in the delivery and development of this unique service

What to expect from an appointment with the Chaplain for Wellbeing

Appointments are generous in time, lasting up to 50 minutes in length.

We don’t set a fixed number of sessions but allow patients to rebook appointments as and when they feel it is helpful.

We offer appointments either face to face (at your GP surgery) or by telephone.

At your first appointment, the Chaplain for Wellbeing will explain more about the Listening & Guidance service.

The Chaplain will listen, reflect and ask a few questions for clarification and understanding.

Sometimes prayer may be offered at the end of an appointment.

Further steps and the possibility of another appointment will be discussed.

Are you a GP, PCN or other commissioner of health and social care interested in providing this service to your patients?

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