Patient Wellbeing Support

We regularly assess the impact of our patient wellbeing support services through quantitative assessment of their wellbeing. We also ask for anonymous comments about how they found the service.

Some of these comments will be posted here.

‘These sessions were the best thing I’ve had – I have had a lot of different therapy but this was completely different, I’ve never had anything like it. It has been the light in my life, thank you so much, you have made me feel understood, and normal. This has opened my eyes to spiritual things, and I think God sent you to me, it’s been a life changer.’

Staff Wellbeing Support

Our staff wellbeing support service, Professionals Together, was also evaluated by questionnaire.

Some of the comments made by participating Junior Doctors are posted here.

“Promotion of a forum to openly discuss the positives alongside challenges of a new career – a holistic ‘MDT’ is always present and the ‘flattened hierarchy’ between everyone who attends is great.”

“Very helpful in letting us reflect on work and the difficult times. Learning the human basis of some of these difficulties and strategies for helping combat them.”

“I look forward to this each month!”

“Mentors are really great and ensure everyone has a chance to share.”